CUAD Annual Summit

cuad-2015-summitTitle: CUAD Annual Summit
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Link out: Click here
Start Date: 2015-04-13
End Date: 2015-04-15

The CUAD Annual Summit is coming up in Las Vegas, Nevada April 13 to 15 at the Planet Hollywood Hotel. Those who attend the event will make direct contact with North Dakota and South Dakota credit union leaders and decision-makers.

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3 Things Your Security Needs to Be Effective When An Active Shooter Strikes

Police Line Do Not CrossDespite the fact that active shooter incidents are rare, in far too many cases, cameras are both sold to and purchased by businesses with the express purpose of addressing the active shooter threat. Unfortunately, simply having a video surveillance system can promote a false sense of security.

For video to be effective in an active shooter incident, the following need to be in place in addition to cameras.

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Surveillance vs. Supervision: Understand the Difference

School Video SurveillanceVideo surveillance is becoming ubiquitous, simply a fact of life in modern society, and our K-12 schools are no exception. However, there is an issue with cameras in schools, and it’s not the one George Orwell warned us about. In many cases, video surveillance systems are being purchased by K-12 campuses with the intent of replacing student supervision personnel.

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IP Vs Analog Video Surveillance Systems

Analog vs IPTired of grainy, unclear surveillance images?

Surveillance systems continue to evolve from grainy analog cameras to high-definition, IP cameras.

Today, some of the numbers out there indicate that up to 75% of new system installations are IP-based systems.

So what are the advantages – and disadvantages – of IP based cameras over traditional analog systems?

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16 Steps to Better School Front Entrance Security

School Front EntranceIf anything good can come from Sandy Hook, it’s the knowledge that the security upgrades implemented at the school shortly before the attack, as well as the heroic actions of teachers and staff that day, probably slowed down the gunman and prevented an even greater loss of life.

Although no program can be 100% effective against a well-armed and determined attacker, there are some best practices that will help you secure your school entrances. The object of these strategies is to delay entry of an assailant long enough for police to respond and for school administrators to communicate with teachers and campus staff so they can lockdown their classrooms or evacuate, depending on the situation.

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Staff Recommended: Panic Alarms

NurseWhether it is a school or hospital, campus safety officials sometimes settle on mobile duress panic alarms instead of camera or access control technology because the personal wireless pendants are seen as the “least intrusive” security solution for the staff.

In some cases, getting “buy in” on a security technology from faculty members at schools or healthcare staff at a hospital can often be a big challenge.

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City Receives Wireless Video Surveillance Network

wireless-mesh-networks-wi-fi-nc (1)What began as a wireless video surveillance system to secure a town’s school and parks is growing into a city- and county-wide effort to give local, neighboring and county police an edge in deterring and solving crimes.

Two years ago, the police department obtained a Department of Justice “Secure Our Schools” federal grant matched by city funds to improve security around an elementary school, just a block away from the site of a 2007 gang-related triple homicide in the city. To do so, the police department commissioned Let’s Think Wireless to deploy wireless video surveillance network, also known as wireless mesh.

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Teen with Gun Gets Through School Detector

school-metal-detector-courtesy-businessinsider.com_-300x225Two school district employees will be fired for allegedly letting a student with a loaded gun into a school after he set off a metal detector at the entrance, the school superintendent said.

A 17-year-old student was arrested at the school on an arrest warrant for failing to appear at a previous court hearing, said a police spokesman. Police had been notified that the student was at the school to attend a night class. He now faces charges of criminal possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon on school grounds.

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