NDSC’s 43rd Annual Safety & Health Conference

downloadTitle: NDSC’s 43rd Annual Safety & Health Conference
Location: Bismarck, ND
Link out: Click here
Start Date: 2016-02-02
End Date: 2016-02-04

Join Convergint Technologies at the NDSC’s 43rd Annual Safety & Health Conference February 2 to 4 in Bismarck, North Dakota.

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The First Five to Seven Minutes

If you are a Hospital Security Director or Manager, you more than likely already have an active shooter plan in place. The adage of “RUN/HIDE/FIGHT,” we believe, is still critical to a good active shooter plan. However, most plans fall short in that they weigh heavily on waiting for local law enforcement to respond to neutralize the shooter(s). This philosophy is understandable, but an “outstanding plan” will address what to do during the first 5-7 minutes—that critical period between when the first shots are fired and when law enforcement officers can actually respond to take out the threat.

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Education Security Challenges & Solutions


With the increasing violence in education, protecting students and faculty through the use of security has become a high priority for all schools. Peak performance from your security systems and equipment helps assure that the learning environment is comfortable, safe, and productive. We understand  that you face unique challenges and can limit your vulnerability to risks.

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Active RFID Tracking + Video Surveillance

overt-bullet-cameraThe marriage of two different technologies can bring detection, tracking and visibility to your company.

Persons and objects of interest are tagged using active RFID tags. Upon triggering, the system seeks out the person or object of immediate interest switching the video feed to the camera best covering the field view for that person. The system follows the person or object moving throughout the system by continuously switching to the best camera. The system can also control a PTZ camera to follow a tag moving within its area of coverage.

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Healthcare Security Challenges & Solutions

Hospitals and long-term care systems worldwide are experiencing testing times. The demand for medical care is rising constantly.  Recent years have seen significant technological and medical advances: the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, as well as U.S. population growth. At the same time, high-profile incidents—coupled with compliance and budgetary restraints, make the industry extremely vulnerable. Security and communications measures are needed to protect patients, visitors and staff.

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Get A Perfect View Of Your ATM

CaptureIntroducing the MegaPX ATM Camera, the world’s first self-contained ATM camera with High Dynamic Range (HDR). The camera produces crystal clear video, no matter the lighting conditions. It was created to be easily installed within the unique environment of an ATM. Now you’ll always get the perfect view of what’s going on in front of your ATMs.

Purpose-Built for ATMs
Capture exceptionally clear surveillance video at ATMs with the MegaPX ATM Camera. This compact covert camera delivers sharp megapixel images at close range from the inside of most ATMs. Unlike similar manufacturer’s cameras that come in two separate parts, the MegaPX ATM Camera is a single self-contained unit, with sensor and connectors/encoder all in one for easy installation into most bank machines.

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Study Finds Many Colleges May Be Neglecting Emergency Preparedness

college-studentDespite the fact that 86 percent of U.S. institutions of higher education have developed an emergency operations plan (EOP), more than one in four (26.5 percent) have never conducted a comprehensive hazard and vulnerability assessment critical to the development of appropriate all-hazard emergency planning. These were just some of the findings of Margolis Healy’s 2015 Campus Safety Survey, prompting study authors to question the effectiveness and accuracy of American colleges’ current EOPs.

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Smart Cards Have Numerous Applications

student one cardA college campus is a perfect example to illustrate how smart credentials go far beyond traditional identification cards. In addition to individual profile information, they can provide students with secure access to everything from residence halls, recreation facilities and computer networks to safe methods of payment in eateries and vending machines.

For instance, in the laundry room in college dorms, smart cards or smart phones can be used to automate the washers and dryers, eliminating the need for a cash box, increasing convenience and reducing the threat of theft. Some credential options even allow individuals to use their cards for access to academic information and personal documents.

Read More: School Access Control: Evolving Capabilities

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City Water Supply Safety

city-of-scottsdale-case-studyWhen the 226,000 residents of Scottsdale, Arizona, turn on their taps, they can be confident that every effort has been made to ensure there is sufficient water, that it’s of the highest quality and safe to drink.

That’s saying a lot given the fact that Scottsdale receives an average of only eight inches of rainfall per year, compared with the average annual rainfall of close to 40 inches for the United States as a whole.

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Access Control Begins At The Front Door

Student_Brown_Shirt_Entrance_IS_DV__2.55a969e45029eControlling access to a school generally begins at the front door — it is how most visitors enter a school.

K-12 campuses have been among the best at adopting strategies to harden the front door (and other entries) with a repeatable and affordable plan that can fit most any facility. It involves assessments, layers of complimentary electronic security products and polices and procedures to make sure it all works.

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