Prevent Lane Gang Crimes

Bank Drive ThruVideo is helping a bank in Nebraska do more for its customers and stakeholders. Video surveillance has been deployed throughout the bank’s five branches, technology center and three part-time branches. Working with a unified platform, bank employees can use video to settle disputes, provide video evidence of crime-related activity and create a deterrence effect for any potential wrongdoers.

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ISHE Fall Conference

HospitalTitle: ISHE Fall Conference
Location: Altoona, IA
Link out: Click here
Date: 2014-09-18

Join Dakota Security Systems  at the ISHE Fall Conference on September 18, in Altoona, IA.

This show will be attended by more than 80 facility management profesisonals in the healthcare industry.

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Weatherproof Your Equipment

Weatherproof EquipmentThe days of security systems guarding primarily against theft, vandalism and violence are long gone; instead, camera systems are mostly to protect companies against liabilities such as accidents and negligence.

Another major change in the last decade has been the advent of weatherproof security solutions. These types of solutions have been a game changer, shifting the balance of high-quality systems installable from only indoors to include outdoors.

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Security Concerns At Water Filtration Plant

Water Filtration PlantThe front gate of the Jardine water filtration plant — one of Chicago’s main potential terrorism targets — was malfunctioning for months this year, raising security concerns among some law enforcement officials.

The Chicago Sun-Times also has discovered a disturbing example of an unauthorized civilian who managed to get past the main vehicle checkpoint for the city’s filtration plant near Navy Pier.

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FCC Approves $2 Billion Boost For Wi-Fi In Schools

educationThe Federal Communications Commission approved a plan to spend $2 billion to boost wireless Internet connectivity in U.S. schools and libraries during the next two years.

“We’re at a watershed moment,” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said during a hearing in Washington today in which the panel voted 3-2 to approve the plan he proposed in April. “Because of what we do today 10 million kids will be connected next year who otherwise wouldn’t. That’s a good days work.”

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Important Consideration for Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance A professional security system has the potential to make your organization more secure while reducing the possibility of theft and vandalism. One way to make sure you’re detecting crime and suspicious activity at the highest level is by selecting a system that has Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) capabilities.

WDR is the difference in light level between the darkest and the brightest spot in a given range.

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Security Camera Leads To Bank Robbery Suspect

video surveillanceAn outdoor video surveillance system set up in downtown Mount Clemens helped lead police to a troubled teen suspected of robbing a Talmer Bank, according to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.

The 18-year-old suspect was apprehended in a hotel less than a block away from the bank at 100 North Main Street following a holdup.

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