Credit Union The Victim Of ATM Skimmers

ATM-SkimmerEducators Credit Union in Racine, Wisconsin recently reported that five of its ATM machines were hit by the growing credit and debit card fraud called “skimming”.

ECU Security Director Angela Langdon said just over 600 of ECU’s 128,000 members had their financial information stolen.

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Teens Charged After Stealing $250k In School Supplies

laptops-and-ipads-1-300x194Weeks before school starts, two students are already in big trouble. They’re accused of stealing more than 100 iPads and laptops from a school campus.

Deputies said these teens tried to sell one of the laptops, but the guy they were hoping would buy it – turned them in.

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Healthcare Security Cameras Aid in Capture of Alleged Kidnapper

physec_healthcareAuthorities are crediting security cameras installed at hospital with helping them identify subjects of an Amber Alert.

Video surveillance footage shows alleged kidnapper and his victim entering the hospital around 9:30 p.m., and being escorted out of the building 45 minutes later.

The security officer who escorted them noticed that they fit the description provided by an Amber Alert.

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Police Seek Live Security Cam Access

B99288436Z.1_20150722230926_000_GR4I4I58.1-0From downtown Detroit restaurants to neighborhood liquor stores and gas stations, to private residences, video surveillance is rolling — and recording crime.

Detroit Police say video is a valuable crime-fighting tool, and hope to expand its use by joining a growing number of cities with “real time crime centers” that allow officers to tap into private and public video surveillance systems to monitor their live video feeds watching for crimes and responding as events happen.

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School Visitor Management Best Practices

Guarding_the_Front_Door_School_Visitor_Management_Best_PracticesDistricts across the country are facing similar problems in regards to front entrance safety and security. Many school sites were constructed prior to the 1999 Columbine massacre, which brought campus safety and security to the attention of administrators, boards of education and the general public. Many of these school sites have lobbies that fail to prevent unwanted and unscreened persons from entering portions of the school that should be secured from unauthorized persons.

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10 Keys to Testing Campus Preparedness

Man_pulling_fire_alarm_ThinkstockThere have been many instances where lives have been lost at a school, hospital or institution of higher education because emergency preparedness concepts were unsound.  One powerful example of this occurred nearly 60 years ago when 95 students and staff died as a result of a faulty approach to fire drills. The 1958 Our Lady of Angels Sacred Hearts School fire in Chicago serves as a deadly example of how unreliable crisis plans can appear to be sound and seem to work fine during regular drills.

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