Principal, Teacher Stop Planned Shooting

Gun_ThinkStockA student’s plan to shoot and kill two unarmed school security officers was stopped Dec. 10 when the principal and a teacher of the school in Northwest Miami-Dade County patted the student down and discovered a weapon.

Jalen Leon Bradley, 18, was arrested on charges of bringing a loaded gun to school, battery on a police officer and attempted murder. He confessed to police that he planned to shoot two school security officers whom he “hates.”

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7 Signs A Weapon Is Being Concealed

L-CS7weapons-open-posterThe man stood unnoticed outside the grocery store for nearly three hours before his ex-wife arrived. As she stepped from a taxicab, the man quickly stepped toward her and, to the shock of everyone present, quickly raised a 12-gauge pump shotgun from under his coat and killed her. Before the deputy sheriff who was less than 50 feet away could react, the suspect turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

This homicide occurred even though the grocery store hired an officer to protect patrons and employees. Although the deputy was an eight-year veteran, he did not notice the obvious physical behaviors that indicated he was standing near a heavily armed individual. These indicators could have helped avert the murder had they been noticed in time.

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Growing Threat Of ‘Lone-Wolf’ Terrorist Attacks


Boston Marathon Bombings

Individual acts of terrorism in the United States are mounting into one big problem according to California Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

A hatchet attack on police officers in New York, a shooting on Parliament Hill in Canada, the Boston Marathon bombings, the beheading of a woman by a disgruntled worker in Oklahoma—all of it represents a growing threat of “lone-wolf” terrorism, she said during CNN’s State of the Union.

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Proactive Approach To Enhance School Security

AiphoneStop unwanted intruders at the front door by implementing a video intercom system.

See and hear the request for entry into the school before opening the door. This includes classroom communication, bell scheduling, and paging for one campus, and provide complete access to each school at the district level.

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5 Investments To Keep Your Campus Safe

College StudentsAs kids, we’ve all heard grownups say “play it safe.”

That line never disappears, even once we’ve hit the early ages of adulthood and take our first steps onto campus.

More importantly, the only way students will establish stomping grounds on a campus is if the college is safe, and has strategies to protect its students in case of an emergency.

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Dakota Security President To Participate On Securing New Ground Panel

Eric YunagEric Yunag, President and CEO of Dakota Security Systems, will be a panelist at the Securing New Ground (SNG) conference at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in New York City on Wednesday, October 29 on the “Redefining Systems Integration: From System Integrator to Solution Innovator panel” beginning at 8:45 a.m.

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Corporate Project Profile: Vemma Nutrition Company

VemmaVemma Nutrition Company recently relocated and opened its new corporate headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. Vemma is one of the fastest growing companies in Arizona with revenues continuing to increase each year. The rapid growth has resulted in the need for Vemma to move to a larger facility.

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