With the increasing violence in education, protecting students and faculty through the use of security has become a high priority for all institutions that deal with education. Peak performance from your security systems and equipment helps assure that the learning environment is comfortable, safe, and productive which leads to student achievement. Dakota Security Systems understands that you face unique challenges and can limit your vulnerability to risks by addressing the following items:

  • Vandalism
  • Truancy
  • Protection of Children
  • Assault
  • Drug Prevention
  • Sexual Assault
  • Access Control
  • Theft
  • Liability Claims
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Surveillance
  • Parental Peace of Mind
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Latest News
Low Cost Biometric Access Control Low Cost Biometric Access Control (Jun 30, 2015)

If you’re looking for a low-cost access control solution, consider our highly secure and cutting edge biometric technology. When using this device, users can identify or verify themselves with facial recognition, fingerprint reader, card ID, PIN/Password or any combination of these.

Access Control Basics: Cards and Readers Access Control Basics: Cards and Readers (Jun 24, 2015)

There are a number of reasons why healthcare and educational institutions wish to keep their campuses secure, including student, patient and employee safety and document security. No organization wants to be on the evening news because there was a breach, … Continue reading

Security or Surveillance? Security or Surveillance? (Jun 23, 2015)

Do you need security or surveillance? You may be thinking, “what’s the difference?” But it’s the most important question to answer. Video security means automatically detecting intruders when they enter a secured area. Video surveillance means cameras recording video that … Continue reading

Security Planning Guide Security Planning Guide (Jun 10, 2015)

Dakota Security has put together a Security Planning Guide to aid in the process of deciding what type of safety and security solutions might be a fit for you. Answer the questions below to get started.

Executive Security Summary Executive Security Summary (Jun 10, 2015)

The questionnaire below provides a basis for capturing all necessary data needed to determine specific security needs.