The high value of information and physical assets often controlled by high profile corporations make the commercial sector an attractive target for theft and lawsuits. Maintaining tight control on security is paramount to ensuring your return on investment as well as ensuring tenant safety. Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory requirements place increasing responsibilities on corporate organizations to ensure compliance. Dakota Security Systems understands that you face unique challenges and can limit your vulnerability to risks by addressing the following items:

  • Access Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Theft
  • Liability Claims
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Surveillance
  • Information / Data Protection
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • System Integration

Latest News
Security or Surveillance? Security or Surveillance? (Jun 23, 2015)

Do you need security or surveillance? You may be thinking, “what’s the difference?” But it’s the most important question to answer. Video security means automatically detecting intruders when they enter a secured area. Video surveillance means cameras recording video that … Continue reading

Security Planning Guide Security Planning Guide (Jun 10, 2015)

Dakota Security has put together a Security Planning Guide to aid in the process of deciding what type of safety and security solutions might be a fit for you. Answer the questions below to get started.

Integrate Campus Electronic Security Systems Integrate Campus Electronic Security Systems (Jun 04, 2015)

In this digital age, virtually all devices are running on some type of digital network, whether they are hard wired or wireless. Electronic security systems currently in place on many campuses are dated; they do not integrate or “talk” with … Continue reading

Protecting Healthcare Workers With Access Control Protecting Healthcare Workers With Access Control (Mar 01, 2015)

Authorities say a man upset over his mother’s death walked into a hospital in Boston and shot the doctor who he thought was responsible. According to published reports, the gunman asked for the doctor by name and then shot him twice outside … Continue reading

Shooting Reinforces Need For Active Shooter Response Training Shooting Reinforces Need For Active Shooter Response Training (Feb 23, 2015)

A Lennox, South Dakota shooting reinforced the need for everyone to be prepared for an active shooter. Across the country, active shooters have entered both public and private places. Just this past year, hospitals in South Dakota practiced what to … Continue reading