Audit Locks Increase Security and Reduce Branch Costs

Dakota Security Kaba Mas Auditcon LocksFinancial auditors are becoming increasingly strict on financial institutions for not arming their timelocks and for not correctly managing split combinations.

This is a difficult compliance requirement because traditional timelocks do not provide an audit trail of their arming history and often go months without being armed due to inconvenience and neglect. In-addition, split combination compliance is difficult since each branch needs an ‘A Teller’ and a ‘B Teller’ to manage dual time locks.

This requirement means both tellers must have unique combinations in order to open a lock.  This variable association of unique A/B combinations for each teller creates a number of difficult issues with regard to staffing, scheduling and general management of branch operations. Continue reading

Dakota Security Named to SD&I Fast50 as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Systems Integration Firms for 2015

Dakota Security Named to SD&I Fast50 as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Systems Integration Firms for 2015

Sioux Falls, SD
April 7th, 2015
Dakota Security Fast50 2015

For Immediate Release:

Dakota Security Systems, Inc., a leading independent security integration firm, announces SD&I Magazine has named the company to their Fast50 list as one of the 50 fastest growing systems integration firms for 2015.

Eric Yunag, President and CEO of Dakota Security Systems, Inc. commented on the recognition. “We are pleased to be included on this list of excellent security companies for the third year in a row. This recognition validates our approach to the market and affirms the strategic direction that we have chosen.” Continue reading

9 Tips for More Effective School Lockdowns

L-lockdownfromhallSchool and public safety officials around the world are re-evaluating their lockdown protocols, training and drills in light of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

There is no “one size fits all” lockdown protocol that will work properly in every school because procedures must reflect differences in school design and local law enforcement response capabilities. Lockdown protocols that look great on paper or during basic drills initiated by an administrator can have significant gaps when tested by actual events.  We have seen instances of delays in the implementation of lockdowns ranging from a minute to several minutes in actual incidents, and we have often seen fail rates of 60% to 81% during simulations that require individual staff members to make and communicate the lockdown decision.

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View Video & Access Control Anytime, Anywhere

CaptureInstantly improve the productivity and response time of your security department.

With Mobile Security Officer, mobile staff can review surveillance video, monitor events and alarms in real time and manage evacuations.

Cameras are accessible on demand, displaying high-quality, high frame rate video that can be shared as needed. In response to event activity, staff is able to take immediate action such as remotely opening or locking related doors and identifying a person of interest in video. Mustering for evacuations is effortless, with multiple mustering points coordinated right on the screen. Mobile Security Officer dramatically improves productivity, decision-making and response time.

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Access Control Still Lacking In Many K-12 Schools

Student PhotoActive shooters, registered sex offenders, thieves, vandals and non-custodial parents often enter a K-12 campus through the front door. And it’s surprising how many campuses still allow them to do so without being directed into a pre-defined entry procedure that helps protect students, staff and school property.

Security-conscious schools across the country are taking control of front door access through specific policies and procedures that employ some of the most cost-effective layers of security equipment on the market. Once the front door is secure, the same planning and equipment can help to effectively control access to other school entries.

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