Staff Recommended: Panic Alarms

NurseWhether it is a school or hospital, campus safety officials sometimes settle on mobile duress panic alarms instead of camera or access control technology because the personal wireless pendants are seen as the “least intrusive” security solution for the staff.

In some cases, getting “buy in” on a security technology from faculty members at schools or healthcare staff at a hospital can often be a big challenge.

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Active Shooter Shoots Doctor, Kills Self

hospitalA gunman shot a doctor at a women’s hospital before turning the gun on himself.

The incident began when a man came into the hospital and specifically asked for a doctor, who is the director of Endovascular Cardiac Surgery and an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. The gunman then shot the cardiologist twice, inflicting life-threatening injuries.

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City Receives Wireless Video Surveillance Network

wireless-mesh-networks-wi-fi-nc (1)What began as a wireless video surveillance system to secure a town’s school and parks is growing into a city- and county-wide effort to give local, neighboring and county police an edge in deterring and solving crimes.

Two years ago, the police department obtained a Department of Justice “Secure Our Schools” federal grant matched by city funds to improve security around an elementary school, just a block away from the site of a 2007 gang-related triple homicide in the city. To do so, the police department commissioned Let’s Think Wireless to deploy wireless video surveillance network, also known as wireless mesh.

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Teen with Gun Gets Through School Detector

school-metal-detector-courtesy-businessinsider.com_-300x225Two school district employees will be fired for allegedly letting a student with a loaded gun into a school after he set off a metal detector at the entrance, the school superintendent said.

A 17-year-old student was arrested at the school on an arrest warrant for failing to appear at a previous court hearing, said a police spokesman. Police had been notified that the student was at the school to attend a night class. He now faces charges of criminal possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon on school grounds.

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Survey Identifies Biggest Problems in Campus Access Security

Access Control ReaderEducational and healthcare institutions continue to acquire all types of new and upgraded access control technologies, but despite the investments, lack of effective policies, staffing and campus community support of access control continue to pose significant challenges.

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Improved Customer Service For Financial Institutions

Wait TimeWould your financial institution benefit from monitoring and analyzing customer and employee behavior?

With our indoor analytics dome camera you can do just that while improving business efficiencies.

Optimize customer service by seeing how many customers are waiting in line and for how long. The camera can also alert you when a queue has exceeded a certain length, or wait times are too long so you can adjust staffing levels accordingly.

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4 Reasons to Consider Access Control in 2015

Access ControlAccess control has become a necessity in today’s world.

Rest assured that your assets are safe when you protect your people and property with access control from Dakota Security Systems. Our security solutions protect against intruders and other unauthorized people.

Consider access control for your business in early 2015. Access control from Dakota Security Systems allows businesses to:

1) Restrict Unauthorized Access
Access control has a customizable set of features to control interior and exterior doors throughout a facility or across multiple locations. Businesses can quickly identify possible threats and provide the necessary steps to prevent them from occurring.

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Dakota Security Donates To Volunteer Project

IMG_0901Many weekends, late nights and dozens of pizzas later, employees from Dakota Security Systems have completed a volunteer security project at The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House (BDHH) in Sioux Falls.

BDHH is a facility sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls to provide a coordinated community approach in providing assistance and relief to the poor, the vulnerable and those in need. Recognizing that the Sioux Falls community was in great need, Dakota Security Systems agreed to participate through a corporate gift.

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