Deter Crime With A Network Horn Speaker

CaptureOur network horn loudspeaker is ideal for enhancing video surveillance installations in outdoor areas such as parking lots, construction and critical infrastructure sites, and public squares.

When added to video surveillance systems, a network horn speaker allows an operator to respond immediately and intervene directly on the scene.  The speaker can also be configured to deliver pre-recorded messages triggered automatically by video analytics.

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More Schools Upgrade Campus Security with Window Film

More_Schools_Upgrade_Campus_Security_with_Window_FilmOn Dec. 14, 2014, two families of children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings filed suit against the town of Newtown, Conn., and the Newtown Public Schools Board. The suit cited lax security on the day 20 students and six adults were shot and killed.

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Innovative Emergency Alert System


Does your work environment make it difficult to communicate in an emergency? Dakota Security has an innovative emergency alert system that requires a single point of activation and integrates with all notification methods.

The system is a customizable array of emergency notification products, including the wall-mounted Alert Beacon (pictured), computer desktop alerting, USB panic button, LED marquee display, text-to-speech interface for public address and giant outdoor speaker systems, fire alarm interface, VoIP phone alerting, and digital signage and cable television override.

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5 Must Haves For Outdoor Surveillance

CaptureFaced with a complex and fast-evolving threat landscape, organizations across the globe are working to improve the first layer of defense at their facilities. Perimeter security is becoming more of a priority in every industry; however, today’s security customer is looking for ways to protect their perimeter without breaking the bank.

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12 Best Practices For Securing Surveillance Networks

CaptureGiven all of the high-profile data breaches that have made headlines recently, the issue of securing surveillance camera networks and other physical security systems has become a hot topic in the security industry as of late. With an ever-increasing number of security sensors becoming internet-connected as the industry continues to migrate to IP-based technology, there is realistic possibility that those devices could be accessed by hackers or potentially used as a gateway to enter the larger corporate network.

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Dakota Security Systems Named As Top 25 Security Integration Company

SDM Top Integrators Logo 2 (1)Dakota Security Systems, Inc. Named to SDM Magazine’s Top Systems Integrators Report as one of the largest security integration companies in the country 


For Immediate Release:
Dakota Security Systems, Inc. announces SDM Magazine has named the company to their Top Systems Integrators Report as one of the largest security integration companies in the country.

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Low Cost Biometric Access Control

imagesIf you’re looking for a low-cost access control solution, consider our highly secure and cutting edge biometric technology.

When using this device, users can identify or verify themselves with facial recognition, fingerprint reader, card ID, PIN/Password or any combination of these.

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Protecting Nurses Against Workplace Violence

MTMwMDY4NDM0OTg4ODY0Nzg2The day after undergoing complicated surgery for pancreatic cancer, a  76-year-old-man became combative and aggressive while being cared for in an Intensive Care Unit. He stood up, tore out his IV and nasal gastric tubes, and pushed the nurse who had come to get him to lie down. Eventually he had to be tied to his bed with hand and foot restraints because he was kicking and thrashing about—even kicking his wife in the stomach. Not the type of scene we expect in an ICU.

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Access Control Basics: Cards and Readers

access_controlThere are a number of reasons why healthcare and educational institutions wish to keep their campuses secure, including student, patient and employee safety and document security. No organization wants to be on the evening news because there was a breach, and sensitive information was stolen or leaked. That kind of catastrophe can sink a brand. More importantly, no one wants to be responsible for any violence that could be avoided by monitoring and restricting individuals who are in the building.

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