City Water Supply Safety

city-of-scottsdale-case-studyWhen the 226,000 residents of Scottsdale, Arizona, turn on their taps, they can be confident that every effort has been made to ensure there is sufficient water, that it’s of the highest quality and safe to drink.

That’s saying a lot given the fact that Scottsdale receives an average of only eight inches of rainfall per year, compared with the average annual rainfall of close to 40 inches for the United States as a whole.

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Access Control Begins At The Front Door

Student_Brown_Shirt_Entrance_IS_DV__2.55a969e45029eControlling access to a school generally begins at the front door — it is how most visitors enter a school.

K-12 campuses have been among the best at adopting strategies to harden the front door (and other entries) with a repeatable and affordable plan that can fit most any facility. It involves assessments, layers of complimentary electronic security products and polices and procedures to make sure it all works.

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Credit Union The Victim Of ATM Skimmers

ATM-SkimmerEducators Credit Union in Racine, Wisconsin recently reported that five of its ATM machines were hit by the growing credit and debit card fraud called “skimming”.

ECU Security Director Angela Langdon said just over 600 of ECU’s 128,000 members had their financial information stolen.

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Teens Charged After Stealing $250k In School Supplies

laptops-and-ipads-1-300x194Weeks before school starts, two students are already in big trouble. They’re accused of stealing more than 100 iPads and laptops from a school campus.

Deputies said these teens tried to sell one of the laptops, but the guy they were hoping would buy it – turned them in.

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Making the Most of Megapixel Camera Technology

megapixelThe security industry is quickly shifting from analog to IP, be it access control, security alarms, alarm reporting or video surveillance. The first and foremost reason for the move to IP cameras is their versatility and image quality.

In addition, the use of dedicated or existing Local Area Networks (LANs) enables those with proper access to view all or only certain cameras over a campus’ or district’s existing network. This is true whether it involves a single building, campus or an entire enterprise. Analog-to-IP migration also involves myriad features and benefits, such as image/video analysis, processing and greater long-term retention when needed.

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