Low Cost Biometric Access Control

imagesIf you’re looking for a low-cost access control solution, consider our highly secure and cutting edge biometric technology.

When using this device, users can identify or verify themselves with facial recognition, fingerprint reader, card ID, PIN/Password or any combination of these.

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Protecting Nurses Against Workplace Violence

MTMwMDY4NDM0OTg4ODY0Nzg2The day after undergoing complicated surgery for pancreatic cancer, a  76-year-old-man became combative and aggressive while being cared for in an Intensive Care Unit. He stood up, tore out his IV and nasal gastric tubes, and pushed the nurse who had come to get him to lie down. Eventually he had to be tied to his bed with hand and foot restraints because he was kicking and thrashing about—even kicking his wife in the stomach. Not the type of scene we expect in an ICU.

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Access Control Basics: Cards and Readers

access_controlThere are a number of reasons why healthcare and educational institutions wish to keep their campuses secure, including student, patient and employee safety and document security. No organization wants to be on the evening news because there was a breach, and sensitive information was stolen or leaked. That kind of catastrophe can sink a brand. More importantly, no one wants to be responsible for any violence that could be avoided by monitoring and restricting individuals who are in the building.

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Security or Surveillance?

CaptureDo you need security or surveillance?

You may be thinking, “what’s the difference?” But it’s the most important question to answer.

Video security means automatically detecting intruders when they enter a secured area. Video surveillance means cameras recording video that may never be seen. At one time we expected guards would “catch” intruders by watching surveillance cameras. But now we know that most cameras go unwatched, because even the most alert person gets tired staring at screens – after minutes.

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Outdoor Video Surveillance

CaptureThere’s a lot to think about when you need to secure perimeters and outdoor areas. There are site surveys and system designs, poles and power, budget approvals and cost overruns.

There are technical choices – should you use video analytics, thermal, HD cameras or PTZs? Just knowing where to start can be hard enough.

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Thermal Cameras For Outdoor Security

CaptureSince video security starts with detection, the alert must be accurate. Outdoors, it’s almost impossible to achieve accuracy with a visible camera, and the reason is lighting.

Thermal cameras “see” heat rather than light, so they are perfect human detectors under all conditions, from zero light to bright sun, in rain, snow or humidity. They ignore the movement that causes nuisance alerts with visible cameras, like headlights and reflections. Thermal cameras also eliminate the expense, power and difficulty of lighting large outdoor areas. And they cover huge areas with a single device.

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Stay Ahead Of Evolving Financial Institution Crime

CaptureThe world of banking is changing.  Not only are criminals finding new and more clever ways of conducting their crime, but financial institutions are also facing stronger demands for cost-efficiency and compliance in day-to-day work.

Financial institutions have many security challenges, with particularly ATM crimes on the rise.  The best surveillance solutions deter criminals, prevent crime and, if worse comes to worst, can be used in identification.

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2015 AHCA Annual Conference

Grignon_Seniors-LTC_Dec-2012_20126825Title: AHCA Annual Conference
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Start Date: 2015-08-18
End Date: 2015-08-19

The 2015 AHCA Annual Conference & Tradeshow is scheduled for August 18-19 at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. This conference will be attended by facilities that care for more than 15,000 of Arizona’s elderly citizens.

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