Protecting Healthcare Workers With Access Control

HospitalsAuthorities say a man upset over his mother’s death walked into a hospital in Boston and shot the doctor who he thought was responsible. According to published reports, the gunman asked for the doctor by name and then shot him twice outside an examination room before turning the gun on himself. The incident has raised questions about the adequacy of security at hospitals and other healthcare facilities around the nation.

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IP Vs Analog Video Surveillance Systems

Analog vs IPTired of grainy, unclear surveillance images?

Surveillance systems continue to evolve from grainy analog cameras to high-definition, IP cameras.

Today, some of the numbers out there indicate that up to 75% of new system installations are IP-based systems.

So what are the advantages – and disadvantages – of IP based cameras over traditional analog systems?

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7 Benefits Of Wireless Video Surveillance

MicroPower Helios IR CameraAs technology becomes increasingly mobile, wireless devices are quickly becoming the norm. Video surveillance cameras no longer must be wired to be truly effective.

Today’s wireless technology is more reliable and robust than ever, which makes wireless cameras an ideal solution for many environments. So, is wireless right for your company? Consider these top seven benefits of wireless video surveillance technology:

1. Unmatched flexibility.
Wireless cameras can be located anywhere, without regard for data cables. This is particularly beneficial in more challenging environments, such as along pipelines, in mountainous areas or in geographically distributed and remote locations.

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Major Embezzlement Cases Continue To Rise

Bank VaultEarlier this month, a former executive at a Wisconsin-based architectural firm was charged with embezzling more than $168,000 from the company. According to a criminal complaint, the suspect allegedly incorporated businesses to submit false billings and bonds to the company shortly after he was hired in 2012. This is just one example of major embezzlement schemes that continue to pop up with increasing frequency around the country. According to the 2013 Marquet Report on Embezzlement, the number of major embezzlement cases, defined as incidents that involve more than $100,000 in reported losses, increased five percent over 2012.

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Wireless Video Solution Secures Remote Areas

micropower_logistics-300x132In an increasingly connected world where international travel is on the rise and more goods are being shipped than ever before, the risk of theft, injury, and loss is also growing. To ensure greater overall protection of people and assets, logistics and transportation companies around the globe are making security and safety compliance a top priority. However, with facilities that are often spread over large, open landscapes, finding a reliable, high-quality surveillance solution that delivers the needed image quality under a wide range of challenging environments is critical.

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16 Steps to Better School Front Entrance Security

School Front EntranceIf anything good can come from Sandy Hook, it’s the knowledge that the security upgrades implemented at the school shortly before the attack, as well as the heroic actions of teachers and staff that day, probably slowed down the gunman and prevented an even greater loss of life.

Although no program can be 100% effective against a well-armed and determined attacker, there are some best practices that will help you secure your school entrances. The object of these strategies is to delay entry of an assailant long enough for police to respond and for school administrators to communicate with teachers and campus staff so they can lockdown their classrooms or evacuate, depending on the situation.

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Staff Recommended: Panic Alarms

NurseWhether it is a school or hospital, campus safety officials sometimes settle on mobile duress panic alarms instead of camera or access control technology because the personal wireless pendants are seen as the “least intrusive” security solution for the staff.

In some cases, getting “buy in” on a security technology from faculty members at schools or healthcare staff at a hospital can often be a big challenge.

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