ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket ChallengeDakota Security has joined the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

See videos of our employees pouring a bucket of ice water over their heads and challenging others within the company to do the same.

Employees are encouraged to respond to the ice bucket challenge and/or make a donation to fight ALS within 24 hours.

As of August 27, the ALS Association says donations have over reached $94.3 million since July 29.

Scott Swansen, Regional Vice President

Eric Yunag, CEO & President: nominated by Scott Swansen

Will Speicher, Operations Manager: nominated by Scott Swansen

Bob Peplinksi, Regional Vice President: nominated by Scott Swansen

Cody Davis, Service Manager: nominated by Will Speicher

Kevin Schmidt, Project Manager: nominated by Will Speicher

Micah Carlson, Vice President of Marketing: nominted by Eric Yunag

Bethany Taylor, Director of Operations: nominated by Eric Yunag

John Rush, Chief Financial Officer: nominated by Bethany Taylor

Roger Moeller, Systems Engineer: nominated by Bethany Taylor

Sarah Madison, Operations Coordinator: nominated by Roger Moeller

Renae Morris, Materials Supervisor: nominated by John Rush

Tami Shafer, Service Coordinator: nominated by Cody Davis

Dan Varner, Service Technician: nominated by Tami Shafer

Tyler Christensen, Client Executive: nominated by Sarah Madison

Andrew Rasmussen, IT Manager: nominated by Sarah Madison

Craig Kiefer, Installation Technician: nominated by Sarah Madison

Pete Neisius, Client Executive: nominated by Sarah Madison

Travis Baum, Project Manager & Ed Mientkewicz, Technical Specialist: nominated by Bob Peplinski

Brandon Schmid, Purchasing Assistant: nominated by Renae Morris

Hannah DeVries, Client Relationship Manager: nominated by Renae Morris

Megan Heatherington, Project Coordinator: nominated by Kevin Schmidt

Pete Eirikson, Operations Manager: nominated by Craig Kiefer

Donna Larson, Accounts Receivable: nominated by Pete Neisius
Erin Mangen, Marketing Coordinator: nominated by Hannah DeVries & Pete Neisius
Lisa Snyders, Accounts Payable: nominated by Erin Mangen

Kanitia Sandal, Corporate Administrative Support: nominated by Craig Kiefer

Scott Hanisch, Senior Installation Technician: nominated by Craig Kiefer

John Rosenthal, Installation Technician: nominated by Pete Eirikson

Chuck Schwan, Client Executive: nominated by Hannah DeVries

Joel Pauly, Installation Technician: nominated by John Rosenthal and Scott Hanisch

Barret Baker, Project Manager: nominated by Jeremy Holso

Jason Rieger, Systems Engineer: nominated by Pete Neisius & Chuck Schwan

Craig Linn, Systems Specialist: nominated by Jason Rieger

Mike Lieder, Field Engineer/Technical Specialist: nominated by Brandon Schmid

Joshua Miller, Installation Technician: nominated by Dan Varner

Emily Anderson, Service Coordinator: nominated by Erin Mangen

Mark Barbera, Regional Vice President: nominated by Micah Carlson

April Meyerink, Project Coordinator: nominated by Tyler Christensen
Cindy Maxwell, Service Manager: nominated by Tyler Christensen & Jeff “Spud” Delker

Chuck Risty, Senior Client Executive: nominated by Chuck Schwan